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Fabulous Guide to Beijing

Helloooo my friends out there (one of my friend said that she felt when reading my blog is like reading a girlfriend's note which I like it!)

After a long pause from my last blog, here it is my Beijing guide. I just went there to visit my baby sister who is living there at the moment. I have to admit that I went there without any expectation about the city or people or whatsoever. But in the end, I really had a nice time there but most of it was because a good company that makes the trip different. Also the city and people surprised me a lot as well. In 6 days there, we found that ( from my opinion) Beijing is very modernized in terms of standard of living, technology and very convenient to get around. Shopping is unfortunately not considered great, you know I'm from Bangkok and we have these great local designers and superb shopping experience. But to tell the truth, without my sister as a local guide it would be difficult for sure as we don't speak a word of Mandarin. Y…

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