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Fabulous guide to Bali

Since I had a few requests from friends to share my essential Bali guide, here is my version of  travel guide. If you're expecting a travel destination kind of blog, you won't find it here sorry guys. My trip is more of chill out, explore what locals do, cafe and of course shopping. But this is because I'd been to Bali a few times and done all touristy things many years ago. So if this is what you are looking for, here we go and hope you find it somehow useful in someway.

Normally when I plan my trip, I would do a research in advance mostly on Pinterest and Instagram. I would look through the geolocation and see what people do or go to. Pinterest can be very useful too as you can search from the destination, what to pack and place to go. So I found this blog from Pinterest which is very good and reliable for me. and

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